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Jesus the God-Man

Jesus the God-Man

The Bible teaches that Jesus is truly God and also truly human—the “Word made flesh” Who lived and breathed, Who had feelings and thoughts, Who became like us except for our sin. Though we cannot fully understand the mystery of Christ’s dual nature, Alistair Begg explains the importance of grappling with this foundational truth. As God, Jesus can reconcile believers to God through His atoning death. As man, He understands our sorrows and is able to help those who trust in Him.

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Jesus 101

Who is Jesus? Can ordinary people understand His identity, or do you need a seminary education? In Jesus 101, Alistair Begg emphasizes that the search for the real Jesus must always lead us to the Scriptures. Only in the Bible do we meet the Man Who is God, the living Word Who is Prophet, Priest, and King; only there do we learn of the Lamb sacrificed to bring salvation to a lost and dying world, the majestic Ruler of a kingdom that will last for all eternity. When we have a solid biblical grasp of who the Savior is, and of what He accomplished on our behalf in His life and atoning death, our hearts are filled with awe and adoration at the mention of His name, “Jesus.”