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About Our Team

Our Team

Truth For Life Team

The day-to-day work of Truth For Life is carried out by a small but dedicated group of staff and volunteers.

Join the team!  We are looking for great staff and volunteers.

  • Adam Marshall, Production Editor
  • Alistair Begg, President
  • Amanda, Digital Ads Coordinator
  • Amy, Director of Station Relations
  • Barbara, Customer Service Representative
  • Bob Butts, Chief Operating Officer
  • Brenda, Content Coordinator
  • Caleb Hauser, Audio Producer
  • Carolyn, Director of Communications
  • Dave Cook, Chief Financial Officer
  • Donald Hurst, IT Systems Administrator
  • Ed Wiles, Facilities Manager
  • Emily, Director of Customer Service
  • Jackie, Customer Service Representative
  • Jeannie, Customer Service Representative
  • Jennifer, Receptionist
  • Jenny, Station Relations Coordinator
  • Jesse, Customer Service Representative
  • Julie, Accounting Manager
  • Kallen, Customer Service Coordinator
  • Karol, Customer Service Representative
  • Laina, Communications Coordinator
  • Marcie, Customer Service Representative
  • Matt Yokom, Graphic Designer
  • Meghan, Customer Service Representative
  • Mike Costlow, Director of Operations and Human Resources
  • Nancy, Senior Audio Producer
  • Perry Brown, Back-End Programmer
  • Rebekah, Shipping and Fulfillment Manager
  • Rick Lane, Director of Information Technology
  • Ryan Loague, Director of Content
  • Sarah, Director of Digital Communications
  • Seth Trowbridge, Front-end Programmer
  • Stacey, Customer Service Representative

Board of Directors

Truth For Life is governed by an independent, volunteer board of trustees. The board meets twice a year in person.

Our current board members are:

  • Scott Andrews
  • Alistair Begg
  • Jim Davis
  • Bill Koeblitz
  • John Rothenbuhler
  • Jerry Tubergen
  • John van Wingerden