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Pathway to Freedom

Pathway to Freedom

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The Ten Commandments were etched on tablets of stone and given to Moses thousands of years ago. This law from God guided the lives and decisions of the Israelites for generations. But can these ancient rules possibly be relevant for us today?

Contemporary society reveals signs that we neither know nor care much about God’s laws. Yet amid the moral crisis, the message of the Ten Commandments can give us order, direction, and hope. In this study, Alistair Begg teaches that the Ten Commandments aren’t meant to be a ladder we climb to earn God’s acceptance; rather, they’re meant to be a mirror that exposes our sin and our need for a Savior. Learn how God’s law has implications for living everyday life.

This series of messages correspond with Alistair’s Pathway to Freedom book and study guide.

Study Guide Available for Series

Book by Alistair Begg Available

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Christina . December 28, 2021

I was so confused when I ordered my pathway to freedom usb. I have a TBI and new technology is beyond me, but I thought this is cool. I love the new look of the USB. Then I asked my caretaker "what is this? and he took my phone and plugged it in the charging port and there before me was all 12 sermons! I was so happy my heart leapt and a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me. I can now take the new usb's with me where ever I go and enjoy sermons where ever I am at. THANK YOU TFL .