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“He Was Taken Up to Heaven”

Luke 24:44-53 Id: 3496, Has Transcript

Good Friday Meditation

Romans 4:25 Id: 3489, Has Transcript

A Curious Incident

Matthew 21:1-11 Id: 3488, Has Transcript

Some Strange Things (Ocean Reef)

Acts 17:16-21 Id: 3482

He Reasoned with Them

Acts 17:1-9 Id: 3481

Life in His Name

John 20:31 Id: 3470, Has Transcript

Born a Child and Yet a King

Luke 1:26-33 Id: 3469, Has Transcript

Ten Men in Quarantine

Luke 17:11-19 Id: 3464, Has Transcript

All One in Christ Jesus

Ephesians 2:1-22 Id: 3432, Has Transcript


Acts 2:1-13 Id: 3430, Has Transcript