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Venturing in Faith

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Abraham’s journey of faith could be described as a series of new beginnings. Although his walk contained many pitfalls and failures, Abraham learned that with God, failure is never final. Abraham’s trust grew with each new beginning as he responded in obedience to God’s call. Throughout this series from Genesis, Alistair Begg explores faith as expressed through the changes and challenges of life. The measure of our faith grows as our understanding of God’s character grows, and we can walk boldly in light of His promises.

Sermons in this Series

One Man’s Background

Genesis 11:27-32 Sermon 41:25 ID: 1070

Pitching Tents and Building Altars

Genesis 12:1-9 Sermon 41:14 ID: 1073

A Failure of Nerve

Genesis 12:10-20 Sermon 41:37 ID: 1074

Let’s Have No Quarreling

Genesis 13:1-18 Sermon 39:27 ID: 1076

Abram to the Rescue!

Genesis 14:1-24 Sermon 43:52 ID: 1077

How Can I Be Right with God?

Genesis 15:1-6 Sermon 37:00 ID: 1079

Faith in the Waiting Room

Genesis 16:1-15 Sermon 41:23 ID: 1082

The Covenant Confirmed

Genesis 17:1-27 Sermon 47:35 ID: 1083

The Principles and Practice of Intercession

Genesis 18:16-33 Sermon 47:19 ID: 1085

The Peril of Inconsistency

Genesis 20:1-18 Sermon 45:40 ID: 1087

Faith Put to the Test — Part One

Genesis 22:1-8 Sermon 40:48 ID: 1089

Faith Put to the Test — Part Two

Genesis 22:9-19 Sermon 43:39 ID: 1090