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Biblical Studies

Comprised of sixty-six books written by dozens of people over two thousand years, the Bible is certainly no ordinary book! Scripture is God's inspired Word, containing the story of His care for and His promises to His people throughout history. In these sermons, Alistair Begg instructs us in what the Bible is, why it matters, and how we can study it and apply its truths to our lives.
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2 Samuel 12:15-31 Sermon

“You Are the Man!” — Part Two

2 Samuel 12:1-15 Sermon

“You Are the Man!” — Part One

2 Samuel 12:1-15 Sermon

Murder, He Wrote

2 Samuel 11:14-27 Sermon

A Failed Solution

2 Samuel 11:6-13 Sermon

David and Bathsheba

2 Samuel 11:1-5 Sermon

“Till All His Foes Submit” — Part One

2 Samuel 10:1-14 Sermon

“Till All His Foes Submit” — Part Two

2 Samuel 10:15-19 Sermon

Kingdom of Kindness

2 Samuel 9:1-13 Sermon

“So David Reigned Over All”

2 Samuel 8:15-18 Sermon