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Faith That Works, Volume 1

Faith That Works, Volume 1
DVD Series

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Written to scattered believers facing a variety of troubles, the Epistle of James addresses a universally relevant question: How are God’s people to live in God’s world? This side of heaven, trials and tribulations crowd into our lives, confronting us with failure and tears, doubts and disappointments, sorrow and groanings. In response, James offers us practical help, with an eye toward not becoming Christians so much as behaving as those who have been redeemed “by the word of truth.”

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg considers James’s call to demonstrate wisdom through patient perseverance in trials. We display godly wisdom when we endure temptation and learn to love one another radically and sacrificially. Wisdom, we learn, isn’t a matter of age, education, or experience; it’s a product of God’s Spirit at work in a life that has been transformed by God’s grace.

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