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Why Bother with the Bible? — Part One

Why Bother with the Bible? — Part One

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It’s the best-selling book of all time: Written over thousands of years by dozens of different writers, the Bible is a timeless and remarkable piece of historic literature. Is that all the Bible is, though—a classic book? Why bother with it? In answer to this question, Alistair Begg examines 2 Timothy, teaching us that the Bible is central to all we do as Christians because it is the means through which God speaks to us.

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Nancy B. December 10, 2021

This study promises to be very interesting and exciting. I truly enjoy learning more about God and His Word. Alistair Begg does an excellent job of making the talk compelling and I am grateful to let this study help my knowledge and increase my witnessing wisdom. Looking forward to the rest of this study.