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The Air We Breathe & How Christianity Transformed the World

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The Air We Breathe & How Christianity Transformed the World

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The Air We Breathe explains that what most cultures now believe about freedom, kindness, progress, and equality are rooted in Christian values. These values were not only taught but were demonstrated by Jesus, who began a series of world changes that led to a desire for all people to be treated equally—a revolutionary idea at the time of the Roman Empire!

Like the air we breathe, Christian values infuse our sense of morality in ways that are most often subconscious. This book is a fascinating exploration of seven values our contemporary society describes as natural or innate, while pointing out that these values are, in fact, not innate but given to us by our Creator.

Approachable and engaging, The Air We Breathe connects the dots from Jesus’ teachings to our current cultural value system so you can engage in conversations with inquirers and skeptics.

How Christianity Transformed the World profiles individual Christian men and women whose contributions have benefited education, healthcare, justice, and what we believe about human dignity.

Even if you’re not much of a history buff, you’ll find it fascinating to learn about how Christians defended the sanctity of life all the way back in 350 AD. You’ll also discover that the Magna Carta was based on the biblical views of some of England’s medieval kings.

At a time when many would say Christianity has done more harm than good to our world, you'll read about how followers of Jesus have been at the forefront of positive social change for centuries.

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