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Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus

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Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus

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How are we like the hypocrites, crooks, and opportunists in the Bible?

The story of Jesus in the Gospels includes all kinds of interesting people—some who claimed to be saints but proved to be scoundrels, and scoundrels who were transformed into saints.

Saints and Scoundrels offers a three-dimensional look at those who followed Jesus and those who turned from Him by peeling back the layers to expose their human qualities.

Nancy Guthrie explores at what shaped and motivated Peter, the Pharisees, Zacchaeus, Judas, Caiaphas, Stephen, and Paul, among others. She shows how they all reveal the grace of Jesus toward sinners.

Saints and Scoundrels examines the decisions and struggles of John the Baptist, Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, and the apostle Paul to show where they exhibited courage and where they succumbed to their imperfections.

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