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Our Ancient Foe

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Our Ancient Foe

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In the book "Our Ancient Foe: Satan’s History, Activity, and Ultimate Demise", you’ll learn about the devil’s true nature as depicted throughout Scripture. Several contributing authors, all biblical scholars including Sinclair Ferguson, answer frequently asked questions such as:

• Who is the devil?
• How did he become our sworn enemy?
• What are his methods?
• What are his intentions?
• How do we stand against him?
• What does his future hold?

Satan is real, the enemy of our souls. If we underestimate him, we can easily be caught off guard, deceived, and led astray. On the other hand, if we overestimate his power, we diminish our security in Christ’s victory over evil. As you read "Our Ancient Foe", you’ll familiarize yourself with Satan’s disguises and subtle schemes so that you’ll be able to recognize the enemy and realize when you’re under attack. You’ll also learn how to stand strong in the Lord’s power and armor as you prepare for spiritual warfare.

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