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Have No Fear / The Word One to One & Created to Draw Near

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Have No Fear / The Word One to One & Created to Draw Near
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In Have No Fear, mathematician and apologist John Lennox not only reshapes how we think about evangelism but also provides expert guidance in the art of sharing our faith. In seven short chapters, Have No Fear also provides tremendously helpful tips and suggestions for how to begin a conversation about the faith. With a conversational tone, the author uses examples from the Bible and from his own life to inspire our confidence to share with others the hope we have in Christ.

The Word One to One offers a unique, step-by-step guide to an evangelistic study of John chapter one. Helpful explanations of key words and concepts are found throughout, while thoughtful questions and suggested answers promote reflective, biblically sound discussion. This unique guide will walk you and a friend through the Gospel message using Scripture as the source. In this creative and interactive presentation, The Word One to One explains who Jesus is, how Jesus fulfills God's promise, and how Jesus offers salvation to all who believe.

Created to Draw Near shows how the Bible portrays Christians as members of a new priesthood dedicated to the service of God. Starting with our past in Eden, Created to Draw Near moves through the Bible to explore topics like the fall into sin, God’s covenants with Israel, Jesus as the true tabernacle, and how we live out our priesthood today.

format: Softcover, 72 & 56 & 224 pages
sku: 32503
topic: Evangelism


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