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April 1, 2005

The Gospel According to Luke, Volume 4

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As the Gospel of Luke begins, its author declares his intent to compile “an orderly account” of the person of Jesus so that anyone who reads it “may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” When we open its pages, this is exactly what we find. Tracing Jesus’ life from His nativity and ministry to His crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension, Luke presents us with a portrait of a perfect, divine Savior in whom we can believe fully and securely.

In volume four of this series, Alistair Begg leads us through Jesus’ interactions with a series of individuals, including His own disciples, a demon-possessed man, and the significant religious and political figures of His day. Confronted with the power of Christ, each had to come to a conclusion about who Jesus was—a decision that promised to change their lives forever.

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