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Truth For Life is entirely funded by the generous giving of listeners who share our passion for sharing the Gospel. Therefore, it’s our great desire to remove any obstacle, particularly cost, so that all can learn more about who Jesus is and why He came!

“Why be a Truthpartner? Out of love and a grateful heart. Through the clarity of teaching, we have fallen ‘head over heels’ in love with Christ and His Word.”

— Lawrence and Nancy from Michigan

What are Truthpartners?

Truthpartners are listeners who support the ministry financially each month and pray for God’s Word to go out through Truth For Life in a life-changing way. They are vital members of the Truth For Life team because, by spreading out their giving evenly over twelve months, they make it possible for the ministry to project monthly income, which allows radio and website expenses to be planned accordingly.

In fact, Alistair’s entire teaching archive is freely accessible to a worldwide audience because of the consistent giving from Truthpartners. Steady, predictable income also makes it possible to offer Truth For Life’s collection of CDs, DVDs, and other resources “at cost,” with no markup. Monthly Truthpartner giving makes clear, relevant Bible teaching available and accessible to people everywhere without cost as a barrier.

“Thank you for your faithful ministry in preaching God’s Truth! I am deeply impressed by not only your content and the CLEAR resonance of the Holy Spirit throughout your reflections, but also your choice to offer these online at NO charge. Free downloads prove your sincerity and trust in His provisions. Please press on.”

— Stephen from Canada

What are the benefits of becoming a Truthpartner?

  • You will receive a copy of the classic devotional Morning by Morning, written by Charles Spurgeon and updated by Alistair Begg.
  • One featured resource thoughtfully selected and offered by Truth For Life each month.
  • You can sign up to receive a special “Message of the Month” on CD with a monthly donation of $20 or more.

When you become a Truthpartner, you help bring God’s Word to millions!

Truthpartners who give $20 or more per month are invited to:

  • Receive the “Message of the Month” on CD— a special sermon from Alistair Begg mailed each month.
  • Request one or both resources offered by Truth For Life each month.

How can I join and pledge my monthly gift?

  • Sign up online for an automatic monthly gift from your checking account or credit card.
  • Call Truth For Life at 1.888.588.7884 to set up your monthly pledge.
  • Mail your first gift by check and indicate that you'd like to become a Truthpartner.
  • Truth For Life
    P.O. Box 398000
    Cleveland, OH 44139-9000

“I live in Northern Ireland, and I have been listening to Truth For Life for several years, and I thank you for the daily broadcasts which I download on to my iPod. I have learned so much from listening to you over the years, and I pray that you and TFL will continue to spread God’s Word for many years to come.”

— Audrey from the United Kingdom

Are you already a Truthpartner and need to update your information?

Truthpartners can call 1.888.588.7884 or go to to update pledge and recurring donation instructions.

Are you already a Truthpartner and would like to request the Message of the Month?

Truthpartners who have pledged a monthly gift of $20 or more can email or call 1.888.588.7884 to request their free copy of the Message of the Month.

Are you already a Truthpartner and would like to request the featured resource this month?

Truthpartners can email or call 1.888.588.7884 to request their free copy of the monthly resource.