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Podcast FAQs

How do I move downloads of the broadcast to an iPod via the newer iTunes software?

(Tip from a listener!) "I figured out if you change the display of the new iTunes to how it appeared in the old iTunes (go to view and then click show sidebar) iTunes then allows me to drag and drop my downloads onto your iPod playlist where I keep your sermon broadcasts. It seems to work as it did in the old version of iTunes when the new version is displayed at the old version. I hope this helps anyone else who might have this problem."

On what players and devices does the Truth For Life podcast work?

The Truth For Life Podcast is created in MP3 format. Therefore, it will work on all modern media players and devices. Truth For Life recommends using Apple's iTunes, which is available as a free download. You can access the download here.

You can also subscribe with a variety of methods and readers using our Feedburner account here:

How do I retrieve the podcasts?

Most media players retrieve podcasts automatically. Truth For Life recommends that you use Apple's iTunes for this service. When you open iTunes, the podcast will be automatically downloaded.

How can I have my computer automatically update/check for new podcasts?

See the iTunes tutorial. There are several video tutorials that you can watch to see how it all works.

The podcast doesn't show up for the days that I don't open iTunes. Why not?

iTunes is designed to download the most recent podcast. Since Truth For Life creates a new podcast every day, iTunes skips the podcast when you skip a day. In your podcast listing, you will see triangles next to each message. If you click on that triangle, you will see a list of recently aired broadcasts. If you would like to catch up, just click the "get" button and iTunes will download that broadcast for you.

What do I need to take advantage of podcasting?

The easiest way to listen to Podcasts is via Apple's iTunes software. This software is available for free at Apple's website. Once you download this software, you can receive podcasts and then listen to them on your computer. You do not need an iPod or any portable music player. (Of course, the podcast will work on these devices as well!)

You can also easily subscribe via your browser now to several different RSS programs using our Feedburner account here:

How do I transfer the podcast from iTunes to my iPod?

See the iTunes tutorial. There is a forum thread here that explains some of the details involved in this process.

How can I hear the podcast without the introductory and concluding information?

The podcasts contain the same content as our daily broadcasts. In order to skip the introductory and concluding material on the podcast, you will have to fast forward the podcast manually. Alternatively, you may purchase the full message MP3 from our online store. These MP3's contain only Alistair’s message and no additional broadcast information.

How can I access archives of the podcast?

All of our broadcast archives are available online to download freely at anytime in our archives section. We currently provide back to 2009. You can access the archive here.

It seems like I was automatically unsubscribed from the podcast--what happened?

iTunes has a feature to save space on your hard drive. If you stop listening to the podcast for several days in a row, iTunes will then stop downloading the messages. If this happens, you will see a "!" icon next to the title. If you click on this icon, you can the automatic download service. See the answers to questions six and nine if you want to learn how to access previous messages.

How can I support TFL podcasting financially?

Truth For Life is pleased to make the podcasting service available at no charge. However, you can support Truth For Life as a Truthpartner or with a one-time gift to help make this possible. Click here to become a Truthpartner!